About Us

 Mission Statement
The mission of WomanSpace is to provide an ever-evolving community space that supports and encourages women in their daily lives.

Vision Statement

The vision of WomanSpace is to support women, their family efforts, and their entrepreneurial efforts. We shall do this by providing the space to connect, support, and grow.

CONNECT: We connect women with other women by offering a gathering place and groups for various life stages or personal interests.

SUPPORT: We support women by offering space to showcase their efforts, cooperation with other organizations who support women, and mentorships.

GROW: We encourage women’s growth with activities such as seminars, workshops or classes, and by providing networking throughout the community.

Our focus is on building sustainable relationships and businesses for women that also compliment their unique family structure and lives. We encourage diversity in what is offered at WomanSpace, with an emphasis on education in the arts.

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The Vision

2014: For several years, there has been a shared vision of a space for women to come together. Over the years, it has evolved and at one point it was thisclose to becoming a reality.  At that time, my friend-colleague-fellow visionary, Molly of TalkBirth, wrote this about WomanSpace (click here to read her full piece): I visualize a center. … Continue reading The Vision

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